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Let your dreams come true

At Inspire International, we are excited that you want to join our team of men and women inspiring health and prosperity around the world. It is simple and fast. There are two ways in which you can start your path to success with us. Choose the one that fits you and immediately implement the 4 steps to start your own business. 

Not only do you earn money

you also inspire lives


the best nutrition

products that give results

We are proud to have the highest quality standards in the development of unique, clean and organic formulas. We also have products backed by thousands of clinical studies, where science and nature come together to provide health.

a unique opportunity


Inspire International offers the most innovative and dynamic compensation plan in the Network Marketing industry. With 4 ways to generate revenue and 88% of sales volume paid in commissions to Distributors, Inspire International is a powerful rewarding opportunity!

success tools

tools for success

The innovative business model with Inspire International puts an affordable marketing budget in your pocket. It is a true and effective marketing. When you do something as natural as sharing testimonies of results with products in which what you believe, it is then able to create success, in a genuine and natural way.


a plan designed for your success


Phase I

Sponsor bonus

Sponsoring new distributors to your team is the essential first step in building an organization. New distributors should start with a start package the first month to be part of the exclusive benefits we have for the business distributors. As a result of each new direct enrollment in your team, you receive a sponsorship bonus. This bonus is paid every week.


Phase III

residual income

All authorized and qualified distributors participate in phase III of the compensation plan. This phase alone has a tremendous potential to make money. You can earn an incredible bonus of 60% on the first two levels and up to 10% on your third level. To participate in 45% of the second level, there is an important rule that encourages growth in an orderly and intelligent manner. Every distributor must be qualified with its 100BV and must have three (3) qualified distributors in the first level (preferential customers for this rule are not considered). Achieving this, the 45% payment is activated automatically on the volume that exists at that level.


phase II

business bonus

Phase II compensates the leaders of a growing team. You can qualify to earn up to $ 25 for each starter kit that is sold in your entire organization, regardless of the level where the person in your organization is. One of the great characteristics of phase II is that it is paid monthly and allows to promote and support the constant recruitment of new distributors.


phase IV

worldwide sales bonus

Phase IV includes three Elite Diamond bonuses. The purpose of these bonuses is to reward our distributors for the help in building the company. It is also designed to reward and encourage teamwork. All bonuses are paid MONTHLY. Bonuses are based on group volume only. The bonus is divided equally among the qualified.


Here are just a few benefits when you join Inspire International as a distributor


These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Inspire International does not guarantee your success, income or results. The success of an individual depends on his own effort, dedication and skill.