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we had been praying for quite some time...
— Ronald Joselin

IT all began with. . .

My wife, Alexandra and I in our living room one day thinking about our life as individuals and how we are impacting others. We had this “A-HA!” moment that was actually a devine revelation. We had been praying for quite some time, and we were finally given an answer. Thank God!

We knew that we wanted to help others. We knew we wanted others to gain financial freedom. We knew that all these things were possible if people had physical and mental energy to do so, which led us to believing that if we created something that would not only give health benefits but also finances then we would have nailed it.

That “A-HA!” moment became a reality when LIFEBEAT was created. A product that’s in a liquid nutritional state, unique in its class that gives your body a complete mixture of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and more. LIFEBEAT boosts your body’s ability to produce energy, improving the capacity of the immune system and promotes optimal health.


natural beginning



With more than a decade of experience, our founder Ronald Joselin understands that humanity suffers from three global problems. Disease, poverty and hopelessness. Since then, he and his wife, along with a talented team decided to create a vehicle that will empower people to eradicate these problems in their lives and that of their families. Our commitment is to focus on the solution and not the problem. We want to inspire more people to have a great life in prosperity, good health and to fulfill their dreams.

Inspire International is transforming lives through premium products, a strong, charitable and inspiring commitment and the most generous compensation plan. It can help you become healthier and happier. If you have a heart for helping people, it may just be the right opportunity for you.



To inspire health, prosperity and hope, we created a dynamic and inspiring team around an innovative health challenge that supports personal transformation and offers a pathway to achieving health, time and financial freedom. We work towards empowering all with the right tools. This is our mission for all to accomplish success at any given stage of their lives.



We created Inspire International™ with a vision to combine people with the principles of health, prosperity and hope so that they can impact others.

We do this by inspiring and educating our distributors and customers to help bring our highest quality, scientifically proven health and wellness innovations to the world. We believe that getting involved with the exterior world not only stands with our principles but also helps bring peace.



our team

It’s wonderful when the people believe in their leader. It’s more wonderful when the leader believes in the people
— John C. Maxwell




Our central office is located in the state of Arkansas. Arkansas is well known for being the Natural State and the one who can better inspire a healthy lifestyle in the most natural way.

All the logistic operations and administrative details are vertically integrated. We do this to insure that all our distributors will have an excellent experience with us.






From this centenarian city of Santo Domingo of Dominican Republic, Inspire International takes on it’s operations. We are located in the heart of “Zona Naco”.

Our installations are designed to facilitate the arrival of products for each of our distributors and clientes, and it also allows us to share the opportunity of health, prosperity and hope in our meeting room that allows perfect concentration and inspiration.





Mexico City, one of the most populated cities of the world, is home to our business center of  Inspire International Mexico. Located in “la Colonia de Valle” for more than six years, our distributors have been able to enjoy our installations of first class.

Inspire Mexico provides services of product pick-up as well as office spaces designed especially  for our distributors to share with our business opportunity with their prospects.